Be prepared to head outside for some much needed spring sunshine....

Instead of the usual drab, dreary and usually wet April we seem instead to be enjoying unseasonably decent amounts of sunshine. Given the fabulously unpredictable weather we tend to endure (or relish depending on your particular perspective!), it’s no wonder that we are all heading outdoors to catch some much needed sunshine.Although the temperatures have been noticeably high, at this time of year it’s easy to forget that our poor old skin still needs a good level of UV protection to avoid sun damage, premature aging or more serious long term effects on health.

For any sunscreen to be effective it must be applied throughly and liberally at least half an hour before sun exposure, ideally apply to clean, dry skin after showering then again just before you head outdoors. Remember to apply a generous coating to those forgotten places such as tops of the ears, toes, back of the neck, top of the head if hair is thinning and finally, a good slathering to the lips (most lipsticks don’t contain sunscreen ladies!).

If you plan to sit in the sun for a short time, avoid the fiercest time of day, namely between 12 noon and 3pm. Take a large bottle of water and sip frequently. Keep you sunscreen handy and reapply every half hour or more frequently if swimming. The best way to protect the delicate skin of your face is, we hate to say it, not to expose to direct sunlight instead opt for a wide brimmed hat and high factor sunscreen. If you are worried about a pale face use a daily tinted moisturiser such as Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture SP15 which offers a good level of sun protection whilst adding a little colour.

If your foundation lacks sun protection try Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster which can be mixed directly with your foundation to offer a good level of daily sunscreen.  Simply mix equal parts foundation and Solar Defence Booster into the palm of your hand and apply as normal. Alternatively, apply alone to gain the whopping SPF30 protection.

There are times when we have all fallen foul of the dreaded sunburn caught unawares on a windy day or simply because a dozed off in the midday sun. Avoiding it all together is obviously the preferred choice but if you find yourself feeling a little sore and red take action sooner rather than later. A tepid slow running shower will help cool the skin and remove any remaining sunscreen. Pat gently with a towel or allow skin to air-dry  to avoid further irritation then apply a heavy-duty, highly active repair cream such as Dermalogica After Sun Repair which will quickly cool and soothe thanks to extract of cucumber, chamomile and yucca. Dermalogicas unique Reparative Complex acts quickly to protect cells from further damage whilst delivering a shot of much needs moisture.

You never quite know how long this balmy weather will last particularly given the looming (& usually soggy) Bank Holidays! So, get outside and enjoy a little glimpse of summer - just remember to protect your skin daily and thoroughly.