Age adapted skincare routines....

It is a fact of life that as we age so does our skin, reflecting a visible landscape of our internal health and wellbeing as well as those ‘good for your skin’ or ‘not so good for your skin’ lifestyle choices!  How our skin ages will very much depend on the natural processes occurring within our bodies but will also be affected by those external factors which can speed up the aging process.Of course, we can’t change our genetic predisposition to age related changes (and why would we want to we say!) but by looking after our skin from an early age and adopting regular and effective routines we can prevent the signs of early aging. Here’s a quick rundown:


For most of us this is the decade when are most like to eat a less than healthy diet, drink a little too regularly, party until morning and take a more slapdash approach to our skincare routines particularly when sun protection is concerned.  Our 20’s bodies are pretty adept at dealing with late nights, poor diets and little regular alcohol but sun protection is the most forgotten but absolute must to help stave off the signs of premature aging later on.  Couple that with the commitment to a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine morning and night (even when coming home late) and you have the groundwork for longer term healthy skin covered.


Career changes, house moves, babies and hormonal riots all come at once during our 30’s and whilst things are getting busier and more exciting by the day, our collagen stores are already starting to reduce! This is the time to get our diets up to speed packing our plates with skin loving antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Make time for a twice daily cleansing routine incorporating exfoliation and supercharged moisture when needed.


Things certainly don’t slow down during our 40’s except that is for the continued decline in collagen and elastin manufacture!  Skin will begin to feel a little less plump, a little looser and the skin around the eyes will develop deeper crinkles and creases reflecting every laugh and frown so far.  Stress can have a big impact during this decade so eating well getting enough sleep and cutting back on alcohol intake  will help reduce the impact of any stress hormones running rampage through your body.  Keep up the twice daily cleansing rituals with the addition of targeted skin care products to help keep changes in check.

50’s and beyond

At 50 our skin becomes noticeably drier or excessively oily, less plump and more easily prone to irritation caused by both environmental factors and internal bodily changes.  Crank up the intake on essential fatty acids and green leafy veg, exercise a little more regularly to help maintain tone. Exfoliation is still an important part of the routine but more gently and less often is the key. Keep up the twice daily cleansing routine and switch to a richer highly active moisturiser.

Whatever your age, it’s never too late to change the way you approach your skincare routine.  A Face Mapping Consultation with a Dermalogica trained Skincare specialist is a great place to start, offering a highly effective prescriptive tool to help you discover what your skin needs right now whilst delivering a tailored Dermalogica Product regime specifically to suit your needs.

Dermalogica don’t do anti-aging they do intelligent aging skincare products, coupled with professional support and expert advice -  which is exactly why team JBC is such a big fan!