Advice from the wise

December is inching us ever closer to those festive frivolities packed with Christmas cheer so we thought that since it is indeed the season for giving, that you might like to share a little beauty secret, a kind of secret santa if you will for us eager ears.

Now I’m not talking about your favourite products or must haves for next year, I’m talking good old fashioned advice. We want to hear those oh so loved and cherished snippets of information that came from a much loved aunt, a fabulous granny or your oldest friend. You know the sort of advice that rarely comes along, can often seem ridiculous but seems to work wonders when you’re in a skin or beauty fix?

It doesn’t matter how silly, sensible, random or clever, we want to hear them! Leave your comments below or come find us on Facebook or Twitter and #sharethesecret.


Posted on December 13, 2013 .