A smart move to take you into Movember.....

Lets face it, we are highly likely to sit firmly on one side or the other of the facial hair fence either wholeheartedly loving those bristly beards and shapely moustaches or loathing the prickly parts that those wonderful purveyors of facial hair cultivate in place of silky smooth jawlines!  Whatever your preference, November is a month to embrace the hairy side, to encourage the growth and in turn, lend a huge helping hand of support to superstar fundraisers and educational movement Movember.Movember began life as a teeny tiny movement based in Melbourne Australia and which has now gathered great pace and a global audience of spectators and supporters. The idea is simply to raise awareness of male health issues which are often ignored or remain unspoken concerns amongst our men folk.

November becomes Movember based on the idea that a moustache, lovingly grown on a clean shaven face, groomed and tended to throughout the entire month can be used to raise sponsorship funds and in turn creates a starting point for conversation. Anything that gets guys talking about lumps and bumps in their nether regions or a change in toilet habits (amongst other things) has to be a good thing we say!

The funds raised here in the UK are distributed to leading mens health charity partners which in turn help support a number of programmes specifically focussing on male specific cancers such as prostate and testicular.  Awareness and education, survivorship and research are the key and rather important areas where their activities are focussed.

With November 1st upon us tomorrow you can quickly sign up your other half, get involved yourself or support the campaign through the Movember website directly and if you are in need of some shaving and moustache growing info here’s a quick rundown:

  • Avoid plain old soap which will dry and irritate the skin.  Instead opt for Dermalogica Clean Shave Bar to thoroughly cleanse skin daily without stripping away vital moisture.
  • Make it hot, hot, hot!  Use plenty of hot water and towels (or hop into the shower) to get those pores open and relaxed, helping the razor glide rather than pull those coarser beard hairs.
  • Use a shave oil, cream or gel which will nourish, protect and repair whilst shaving. A pre shave guard is a must too for the sensitive or heavy bearded types.  The Dermalogica Shave System Kit is the perfect thing to kick off or maintain Movember activities.
  • Moustaches vary in size, thickness and style and we are no experts in hairy styling so if you are looking for some inspiring, if a little unreachable, Movember style ideas check out Brainpickings guide to competitive growing of  the ‘mo’ and get growing for a worthy cause!

If you or your other half/friend/brother is going for the grow this Movember, don’t forget to send us some pics to share.