A little liquid sunshine to ease away the rainy days of spring....

Spring showers may be dampening spirits and have us all still stuck in winter woolies but with the promise of sunshine just around the corner it’s time to be thinking about giving skin some summer-ready colour.Warmer weather inevitably means lighter clothes and exposure of parts previously hidden under layers of clothing and whilst some of us look fabulously pale and interesting, others like a hint of summer glow to look and feel less winter worn.

As you know, JBC are no advocates of tanning beds or excessive sun exposure so our choice for achieving that warmer golden tone is always to head for the bottle and grab a little liquid sunshine. Last year our top tanner was market leader St Tropez which we love and adore so you’ll be pleased to hear that this year it has been joined by another award winning super tanner He-Shi to give you double doses of great tanning products.

He-Shi offers a simple three-step process which is super easy, super quick and, dare we say it, pretty much foolproof for even the most rushed and impatient amongst us! The range includes gradual self tanners, long lasting mouse and liquid tans plus gorgeous bronzing products to highlight and accentuate face and décolletage. Their patented express liquid tan delivers an instant shot of colour helping prevent streaks and boosting complexions in the process.

Still not sure? Here’s why we like He-Shi so much.....

  • The products are kind to skin thanks to a special paraben free and alcohol free formulation. The active tanning ingredient comes from naturally derived carbohydrates which penetrate only skin deep. The He-Shi range is also packed with glycerine to help keep skin soft, supple and well moisturised.
  • You will never wake up smelling of stale biscuits or those other odd odours usually associated with some self tanning products. He-Shi worked hard to create a product which is almost odourless on contact and during the development stage.
  • Rather as the name suggests, He-Shi is suitable for application by men and women thanks to specially formulated products which offer super smooth application without clinging to hair follicles.
  • The formula delivers instant colour so you can see exactly where it’s going so theres no chance of patchiness, white bits or streaks.  The tanning mitt smooths the product cleanly all over for an even finish whilst helping prevent the dreaded staining of palms.
  • He-Shi is quick drying and offers an instant hint of colour which develops gradually within 8-10 hours, meaning you can get dressed within 5 minutes and be glowing come morning.

If you are looking for some further hints and tips on tanning well, product types and skin preparation read our post on why sunless tanning needn’t be a headache. If you want to know more about He-Shi their YouTube Channel is packed full of helpful hints to help you achieve the perfect summer glow.