5 feel good activities to try this week.....

Feeling in need of a pick-me-up this week?  Here are our top 5 feel good activities to try.....

  1. The good old British weather is at it again - just when we thought Autumn had arrived seemingly overnight in a rush of cold and windy weather it seems we are just about to get a little glimpse of an Indian Summer! So, with warmer temperatures and sunshine assured for this week first on our top 5 feel good list has got to be fresh air food with friends or family. Grab yourself a rug or some foldie down chairs, pick up the barbie and pack some pickie bits then head out somewhere to play! Just make it fun and make it a shared experience to get a rosy glow inside and out.
  2. Do good. This month there has been lots of chatter regarding feeling happier and healthier and top of the list is doing something good.  According to reports, to have the greatest feel good benefit of all, you should go create a random act of kindness preferably doing so anonymously. What do we suggest?  Simply take the plunge and do something (anything) that you know will bring a smile to any recipients face.
  3. Skill Swap. If you want to learn a new skill or need someone else’s expertise get out there this week and go trade your skill for a skill. Swap a fabulous cooked dinner for an Indian Head Massage or hedge trimming for tap repair (or in fact anything else that floats your ‘I need/want/must have’ boat!)
  4. Take the plunge. Outdoor swimming has always had a hardcore following but the need to reclaim free spaces and a sense of childhood abandon means it has gathered great momentum again. If you want to give it a try before the water gets too chilly, this week offer the perfect chance for a last sunny dip. Get online to find your nearest swimming spot.
  5. Join the JoinFITE movement. If you haven’t already been busy giving, redeeming or talking about the JoinFITE campaign now is the time to do it!  Help us spread the word by telling your friends, redeeming your Dermalogica product codes or make a Microloan.

Have you got any feel good activities to share?  Well what are you waiting for - get online or email us with your lovely snippets of feel good fodder and we can share them around!


Posted on September 26, 2011 and filed under Archive.