Top tips for an active lifestyle

Last week the super fab beauty blogger and pool person in the know Becka over at Beckas Beauty Blog wrote a lovely review on Oqibo Purifying Cleanser and Toner, if you missed it, you can catch up here

Becka told us that as a new and regular swimmer, the chlorinated water was creating that dreaded tight and dry sensation that's oh so familiar to any of us that spend time in the pool. Getting your exercise skincare routine working when external factors seem to conspire against even your very best efforts can be a bit of a challenge, but then we also know that with the right products and techniques, healthy and happy skin can go hand-in-hand with a happy healthy body. 

Here's some super quick top tips for whipping skin into shape when hitting the gym, pool or track.

Let skin breathe

Most of us know that exercise and make-up really don't mix but if you're tempted to keep even a little on or usually slather skin liberally in moisturiser before you workout,  think again. Exercise is super efficient at helping raise a healthy flush to hardworking faces and it's this stimulating action that has greatest benefit when pores are free, clear and open to do their thing. Skin needs to breathe as you workout, allowing increased blood flow and perspiration to occur, clearing the pores and stimulating healthy skin naturally. 

Up your game

If you're a regular exerciser, tailor your products to meet the demands of your routine and choose multi-action, hardworking products that take the hassle out of skincare following a heavy workout. Don't be tempted to scrimp on proper cleansing before you exercise, skin should be thoroughly clean to avoid trapping in dirt and surface debris as your perspire. Choose a super gentle but hardworking cleanser that leaves no residues but is as easy to use both before and after exercise (and yes, you need to do it twice!).

Nourish well

Boost the effects of your weekly workouts by choosing skin supportive products that put back or prepare skin for an extra dose of skin loving nutrients. Choose exfoliators that are super gentle but effectively whisk away debris and drab old skin cells; cleansers that help balance the skin ph as you cleanse; moisturisers that help keep skin thoroughly hydrated day-to-day, and boosters that take advantage of increased blood flow to deliver deeply penetrating overnight nourishment. Skin Supplements can offer additional support on the inside too,  helping top up those often missed but vital micronutrients for a super busy or active lifestyle.

What are your top work out tips?

N x