NEW! Love your skin, love Dermalogica PreCleanse wipes

We are super excited to get our hands on the brand new PreCleanse Wipes, officially due to launch this month and promising the same skin loving goodness as the original bottle formulation, but in handy wipe form (great for the gym bag we say!)

Here's what the official press statement says...

“PreCleanse, one of Dermalogica®’s most popular breakthrough products originally introduced in liquid form, will now be offered in packs of convenient, biodegradable wipes, which makes cleansing skin easier than ever!

PreCleanse Wipes contain Aloe and Apricot Kernel Oil which attract sebum and instantly dissolve even the most stubborn mascara, waterproof lip stains and sunscreens. The formula, which also contains Apple Amino Acids, gently loosens surface debris, such as industrial pollutants. By melting away these deposits on the skin, cleansers and other products may then work more effectively. The product also calms and nourishes skin.”

— TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - December 11, 2013)

What's not to love? Dermalogica PreCleanse Wipes are now available from JBC in standard 20 wipe packs and also a FREE 10 wipe pack is available when you order your favourite 250ml Dermalogica Cleanser* for a limited time only!

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*Only available with Special Cleansing Gel, Dermal Clay Cleanser and Essential Cleansing Solution.