Quick Tips For Better Cleansing

Choose the right type of cleanser

This may sound oh so blindingly obvious but how many times have you sworn never to use a type of cleanser because one particular brand didn’t work for you? Revisiting old product types can often reveal wondrous and skin loving goodies that will have you wondering why on earth you never tried them before! Get to know your skin type, get some no-nonsense advice on the type of products that perfectly suit your skin and grab some sample sizes to try out and experiment with.

Follow the instructions

Yes, we’re all guilty of occasionally ignoring those directions for use, but surely we know what we’re doing, right? Well not always as it turns out. Those directions are most definitely there for a reason and doing things to the proverbial letter will help you get the very best out of your product for healthy, happy and super clean skin. 

Practice your technique

We know that ‘massage gently’ definitely doesn’t mean rub briefly whilst attempting to brush your teeth and pull on the PJ’s, but we also know that when you’ve had an oh so long day, the urge to crumple into a warm and inviting duvet can seem far more inviting than an extra few minutes in front of the mirror. Taking time over the cleansing part of your daily routine really does make a huge difference to how your skin looks and feels. Work on getting the right technique for your cleanser type and do it daily, no excuses (your skin with most definitely thank you for it).

Keep it clean

Cloths, towels, product and brushes. Double up when you buy those much needed cleansing essentials and rotate them regularly to keep things super clean and doing their job. Watch out for nasties in your cleanser too. If using a balm, invest in a spoon or set of small spatulas rather than putting your fingers straight in the jar (as tempting as that may be!). Look out for flip-top lids or plungers to help keep your product super hygienic through every use.

Work with the weather

Changing seasons can often leave you skin wondering what the heck just happened! If your skin is the type to head for the hills, dries out seemingly overnight and then refuses to budge again until spring, you may want to take a peek at your cleanser (as well as that all important moisturiser). Richer cleansing creams and balms can work wonders during the colder months whilst enriched gel cleansers will put back some of the good stuff cleansing usually takes away. Try to avoid the temptation of using super-hot water too regularly, it may be cold outside but healthy skin needs to retain those all important natural oils to look and feel happy and healthy. 

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Posted on February 18, 2014 and filed under Misc, Professional Skincare Products.