Top Tips For Winter Skin Care

It has (at least up here in the North) been unseasonably frost-free so far this year and whilst that has lots of benefits for winter worried skin, this blustery damp and chilly climate  is still wreaking havoc for many of us. So just what is a gal to do? Here are our top tips for seasonal skin comfort...

  1. The weather may be delivering hour by hour changeability but that doesn’t mean that you should power through skin care products too. As tempting as it may be to keep trying lots of things when skin is truly misbehaving, don’t do it. Do your research, try new products gradually and integrate them into your usual routine, that way you’ll know what’s working and what’s not.
  2. Get to know your skin from the inside out, know how it works and why it does what it does,  and seek out products that support healthy skin function as well as your individual skin care needs. Skincare products should go easy on skin not send it skyrocketing into outer space.
  3. Take care of hydration. A common sense and much talked about skin care essential that requires attention inside and out. Centrally heated spaces are quickly dehydrating and whilst our thirst mechanism is pretty rubbish a letting us know we need to top up, our skin reflects the changes pretty quickly. Sip water or herbal teas regularly and seek out products that help maintain, regulate or protect moisture stores within the skin. A two pronged plan of action will keep things happy and healthy.
  4. Protect yourself from the elements. Yup, it really is as basic as wrapping up warm, using a scarf, wear those gloves and donning sensible shoes (well at least to get you to your destination!). Choose a nourishing and hydrating moisturiser too, to help lock in hydration and offer extra protection. Providing a light barrier from the elements helps reduce the drying and irritating effects that regular wind, rain and icy blasts have on our skin without suffocating it entirely. 

Top 5 products picks for winter worried skin...

Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream - Helps skin boost it’s hydration levels naturally

Dermalogica Super Rich Repair - A extra rich dollop of hydration for seasonal shifts

Decelor Flash Radiance Mask - Super quick, ultra gentle complexion boost in a jiffy

Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm - Lusciously kissable lips form the first application

Oqibo Skin Supplement - A clever little helper from the inside out

Posted on February 15, 2014 and filed under Professional Skincare Products.