Super smart skincare tips for super busy mums

Juggling a busy day with a small person (or three), liberally interspersed with lack of sleep and regular round robins of tag team car sharing can leave many of us asking if we actually remembered to brush our teeth this morning let alone taking time out to properly look after our skin. If it sounds oh so familiar, fear not our top tips offer time savvy ways to squeeze a little skin loving good stuff into your day.

Double up

Or triple up, in fact use your products in as many ways as you can possibly muster. Buy some core products that are multi functional and time saving, that you or your other half and the little ones can use in some way or another. Balms for hands, elbows, knees and lips, creams for all over bodies and some good skin nourishing oils for baths, bodies and hair.

Go small

Pick up sample or travel sizes of your favourite products and put them in places you spend oh so much of your time. Lip treatment balm on your desk or in the car is perfect for a quick application whilst waiting for that email or before braving the elements; 1 minute hair masks are a fab no fuss treatment for the post gym shower and a robust hand cream in the baby bag will keep busy and regularly washed hands feeling less water weary.

Keep it simple

Any one of us who live with menfolk know that their skin care products seem to take a less is more approach, managing to keep their skin in tip top condition with seemingly effortless ease. It’s not magical or mythical, mens skincare delivers lots of skin loving effects from fewer products which brings us back to multi use products. Get skin smart with products that do more from one bottle and use only what you need for your own skin health. Do you need a 6 product skin regime every day or will your skin be happy and healthy with thorough cleansing and hydration?  

Swap and save

We all have those tubes and jars of much coveted but barely used products languishing on our shelves or in cabinets, left or abandoned because they don’t suit our skin, we don’t like the smell or the texture isn’t quite how we’d envisaged it. Share the love, reduce the waste and try some fabulous new products before you buy by setting up a swap box or bag scheme with other lovely ladies you know. Arrange a regular collection and drop off point or get together for a night in to trade or test drive the goodies.   

Top product picks for busy mums

Oqibo Purifying Cleanser and Toner - Cleanse, Tone and Treat daily. Use in the shower or wash off in the sink. Gentle on skin tough on dirt,  perfect for hubbie and for you.

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil - treatment, hair tamer and finishing product for salon fresh styles everyday.

Burts Bees Miracle Salve - a little tub of balm to dab on the dry bits. Head to toe for you, your other half and occasionally the little people.

Dermalogica PreCleanse - whisk of mascara, lipstick, ground in dirt and grime. Great for cleaning make-up brushes too.

Posted on February 14, 2014 and filed under Professional Skincare Products.