Blog Loving: Friday Is Forever

Today on Blog Loving, we say hello to Sarah from Friday is Forever, a lifestyle and beauty blog giving you a fresh faced take on all things fabulous. We love getting to know new and lovely members of the Beauty Blogging Community and Sarah really is no exception.  If you haven't checked her out and want a straightforward and engaging take on those must try products, go take a peek! 

Sarah has been whipping winter skin into shape with a host of much loved and recommended products working hard for winer weary skin. Added to the list of things to try were our Oqibo Skin Supplements. You can check out her thoughts on Oqibo (and read the rest of the list) here.  

Top things we love about Sarah?:

  • Her blog is a super lovely place to hang out for a while, there's no nonsense and no rubbish and she loves to get stuck into conversations. Go have a natter!
  • We've not met Sarah in person but we kinda think she'd be a great lady to hang out with. Her passion and genuine love of life, her work and blogging really shines in her writing, comments and photos! 
  • She has the cutest, most adorable ball of fluff ... her name is Penny and much like us, will probably keep you oooing and ahhing at the screen for longer than intended! 

If you haven't popped by yet, go pay Sarah a visit!

N x