Comment: An unusual but interesting take on nudity

I'm a regular scourer of anything and everything that ignites debates and livens up our daily discussion on all things skin health, wellbeing and happiness, so this recent article by Daisy Buchanan for Comment is Free about 'the naked rambler' left me with a pleasant mixture of smiles, nods in agreement and plenty of questions surrounding ethics, societal norms and conformity running freely at will around my head. 

Gough has not chosen to go nude in order to invite us to comment on his body. He is reminding us that we are all naked under our clothes, and that no individual’s body should warrant particularly close inspection – but our collective attitude to nudity certainly does.

— Daisy Buchanan, The Guardian

He has once again been arrested and imprisoned for roaming unclothed around the country, the piece makes some interesting points on just why we find the sight of a normal naked human being so unpalatable and why Stephen Gough carries on regardless.

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Posted on February 5, 2014 and filed under Misc.