An alternative approach to your Dermalogica favourites

This time last year the team at Jersey Beauty Company found themselves amidst a flurry of confused questioning, a sea of worried faces and one too many crinkled brows for JBC’s liking. Delivering wow and happy began to turn tail and run off at speed into some strange and distant land. 

Why? Because sometimes things happen that are so unpredictable, they sneak up and grab you quietly from behind without so much as a whisper. In this case, for team JBC it meant a drastic change in prices for the much loved, coveted and oh so in demand Dermalogica. We won’t bore you with the details (If you missed the whole story, you can read it here ) but delivering wow and happy is what JBC do, so when phrases like “I can’t afford Dermalogica anymore, is there an alternative?” began to become a regular part of the day, JBC decided that the time was right to bring Professional Skincare range Oqibo fully into the fold. 

JBC are committed to delivering professional skincare products peppered liberally with expert advice to help skin feel fabulous every day - which is why Dermalogica is going nowhere any time soon. In fact, the JBC gang became ever more enthusiastic champions of the super lovely stuff contained in those bottles but, being such dedicated deliverers of wow and happy meant that when customers asked for an alternative, inaction was not an option. 

Oqibo is a small and perfectly formed range of professional skincare products that have super skin-loving effects and, whilst the range is no match in size to the vast array of Dermalogica products available, they make up for it in quality, offering great value alternatives to some of those Dermalogica favourites.

So, if you are a Dermalogica “couldn't shift me in a million years” kind of devotee, look away now. If however, you’re more of the “yes please! show me what you got” kind, you can get the low down on the Oqibo "An alternative to" series here  Part 1: Cleanse, with Part 2: Exfoliate, Part 3: Hydrating Moisture and Part 4: Nourishing Moisture to follow in the coming days.

Happy reading!

N x

PS Are you a Dermalogica Devotee or Oqibo Obsessed? Tell us what you makes your skin happy...