Serious Winter hydration. A mighty moisturiser for winter weary skin.

Winter skin can leave a lot to be desired, the battle between centrally heated spaces and those blustery, icy-rain doused days can have our poor skin wondering what the heck to do next.

Lots of us struggle with dry, or what we think is dry skin, and so diligently and liberally slather moisturiser all over our winter weary faces on a daily basis, in a seemingly never ending battle between wit and wonder. The reality is that many of us actually lack well hydrated skin. By lacking hydration, we really mean skin that is dehydrated and lacking the ability to regulate or produce adequate moisture reserves in order to keep those cheeks looking and feeling rosy and refreshed. No matter what you do to the outside, once your moisturiser has been absorbed, washed away or blasted by icy winds, your skin will feel as dry as ever. 

Moisturisers work by adding hydration onto the surface of the skin, offering temporary relief and soothing effects to what is secretly a more chronic issue. You see, it’s not just the winter weather that affects our skins ability to keep cells adequately lubricated. Age, lifestyle and life stage play the leading role in the efficiency of our skins function. 

Vital proteins called aquaporines, are an all important transporter and regulator of essential moisture within our skin cells. Over time, they diminish or become ever more sluggish, rendering skin less able to produce, transport or hold onto that all important hydration. Slow or fewer aquaporines means skin that becomes quickly and chronically dehydrated. 

Healthy stores of these clever cells means that the skin takes care of hydration from the inside, needing a little less help on the outside. Which brings us Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream and yes, the clue is most definitely in the name. 

This skin-smart moisturiser contains an active marine extract Glasswort Oil that is a super-toughie of the seaside. Glasswort Oil has a unique moisture regulating effect, leaving it fully hydrated even in the most harsh and saline of conditions. It is the ability to mimic this effect within our skin that makes Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream live up to its name. This moisture regulating effect works at a cellular level, building and gradually strengthening over time so the longer you use it, the greater your skins own abilities become. 

If that wasn’t reason enough, this winter warrior is packed with other skin loving ingredients to get your through more than just the grey days of winter. It is a light but hydrating formula that is easily absorbed, allowing skin to breathe whilst delivering protective and nourishing daily surface hydration as well as the deeper, clever stuff. The blend of Shea Butter, Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil and Jojoba mimic skins own natural moisture to replenish and restore skins suppleness. Skin receives a daily dose of hydration whilst those sluggish transporters are revved up and encouraged into action. Smart stuff hey?


Not sure if it’s for you? Oqibo knows that everyone is a little different and know that whilst Hydra Restore Cream is generally loved and adored, your skin may not agree. So, their no quibble, money back guarantee does just that. No quibbles.