A new year, a fresh faced approached to skincare

A few days ago we shared our top tips on enjoying a kinder, gentler January and for those of you who caught the post, you’ll know that we are not keen followers or doers of those New Years Resolutions (if you missed it, you can find it here). 

The gang at Oqibo tend to take a “grab it by the horns because life is a journey” kind of approach, where exploration and discovery are messily intertwined with copious doses of love and laughter, where it’s more than ok to be ourselves and where daring to be you really is something to be celebrated.  Which is exactly why we wanted to talk about the Oqibo Skin Supplement today. 

Lots of you lovelies have been asking about those extra little things we can recommend to help you take extra care of yourself and your skin this year, so whilst we’ve busy giving our usual professional skin health and beauty advice, we’ve also started to have conversations about what goes in as well what goes on. Here’s the lowdown...

What is the Oqibo Skin Supplement?

It’s a daily wellbeing supplement that has been specially formulated to support super healthy hair, skin and nails (as well as a happy healthy you). It’s a triple-pill system providing a balanced dose of essential anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanical extracts and oils. 

So, it’s not just good for my skin?

No, with regular daily use, energy levels will balance, hair and nails will be stronger, healthier and less prone to breakage and your skin will look and feel more radiant and healthy. 

Is it an anti-aging supplement?

Oqibo don’t do anti-aging, their philosophy sits firmly in the supportive aging camp, taking the approach that if we listen to our own bodies and understand our individual needs, we can take steps to help support us through the natural aging processes. The active ingredients support and protect against oxidative stress, providing a helping hand against free radical damage to limit its visible effects.

I eat a healthy balanced diet, do I need a skin supplement?

Busy lifestyles often mean that whilst we eat a good varied diet, we’re not always getting the balance of everything we need all of the time. Our nutritional needs can vary depending on our stress levels, general health and life stage or age. Oqibo has been developed to actively support a healthy diet by providing a sustained and balanced range of micronutrients essential in maintaining health, wellbeing and vitality. Whilst available in some of our diet, these nutrients may not be as fresh, active or readily available when we need them. 

How often do I need to take Oqibo Skin Supplement?

Each box provides 30 days supply and contains three trays. Each tray contains a different tablet, each providing a balanced blend of nutrients or oils.  You simply take one tablet from each tray daily.

Do I need to take it a specific time each day?

Ideally, they should be taken all together at the same every day to provide a regular and sustained release of nutrients. You can however choose to take one of each, three times a day with food. 

Can I take them on an empty stomach?

It isn’t recommended. Oqibo Skin Supplement contains a mix of water and fat soluble vitamins and minerals, each needing to bind to water or fat molecules within your food, allowing the nutrients to be readily digested and absorbed by your body. 

I’m vegetarian, can I take Oqibo Skin Supplement?

Yes.  Oqibo contains Flax oil housed within a vegetarian diet friendly capsule to provide the very best ratios of Omega 3, 6 and 9.  

Anything else I need to know?

As with all things, nothing is a substitute for a healthy balanced diet and Oqibo Skin Supplement is no exception. It has been carefully researched and developed to compliment a good varied diet, delivering a boost of extra nutrients vital in healthy happy, skin hair and nails. 

You will start see results within 2-3 weeks with full effects within 90 days and if it’s not for you, they offer a no quibble money back guarantee.

N x

PS You can bag a lovely 30% discount on Oqibo Skin Supplement when purchasing any product via jerseybeautycompany.co.uk. What’s not to love!